My World of Parkinsonian Delights

90 Freakin' Degrees? On the Freakin' 6th of April???

Call me old fashioned, but it should NOT be 90 degrees on April 6th.  That is just wrong!  There is nothing normal about that.  It’s ungodly hot for early April.  Good lord, it’s ungodly hot for MARYLAND in frickin’ AUGUST!!!

Of course, whenever it snows or is chilly on a day that is supposed to be warm, all the anti-climate change morons will go off on a “Oooooh!  What’s the MATTER, Al Gore?  Six inches of SNOW?  Where’s the global warming NOW?”

That, of course, is an idiotic statement.  It would also be idiotic to say that days like yesterday, today and tomorrow (when it’s supposed to be even WARMER) are proof of climate change.  Intelligent folks know that “climate” is history and “weather” is current events.

But good GOD!  90 degrees on April 6th?  In MARYLAND?



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