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"Zombie Jesus?" Really? That's Your Argument?

I was looking at a couple of my favorite atheist blogs this morning — you know, the ones I “stalk” because I’ve been “mind controlled” into doing so.  And I checked a few others as well.

I got in trouble some weeks ago by posting a well-intended comment on the comment section (where comments belong) on an atheist blog.  I said, in effect, that in my humble opinion, people who state with absolute certainty that there IS no God are every bit as annoying and obnoxious as those who state with absolute certainty that not only IS there a God, but he TOLD me what he wants YOU to believe.

I never really had much reason to pay attention to blogs on either side of this issue until recently.  And if one wishes to make an educated, scientific argument about the lack of — or certainty of — a supreme being, I’m all ears.

But this is the argument being presented on far too many of these atheist blogs.  Funny, funny cartoons of a “Zombie Jesus,” a decomposing, shambling Corpus Christi, is an icon being used on many atheist blogs this Easter.  (I’ve posted a couple of the milder ones here.  Most are far more disturbing.)

I don’t know who they think they’re going to persuade to their way of thinking.  As for me, when I’m met with gross and disgusting images of a “zombie Jesus” — especially on Easter Sunday — I have to wonder what the true intent of the atheist bloggers might actually be.  Are they a private little club trying to out “4th grade humor” each other?  There certainly doesn’t seem to be any serious discussion of any evidence on their part to support their conclusion — nay, their smug certainty — that there is nor can there be a supreme being, as we understand the words.  The fact that they restrict comment to “blog members only” only adds to that sense that they’re wasting bandwidth so they can sit in some sort of little Internet circle-jerk of smug self-assuredness and mock believers and their beliefs.

There are rational arguments on the Internet tubes for atheism.  Just as there are rational arguments for belief in a supreme being.  Both sides are capable of presenting their arguments scientifically, without hyperbole, in a manner intended to reason with the curious mind.

But a funny, funny cartoon of a decomposing Jesus mocking the concept of “resurrection”… who in the hell, precisely, is that intended to win over?  Will a person of faith see that disgusting image and think, “Wow!  These guys have a POINT!  I’m an ATHEIST now!”  Or will it just serve to turn off any opening you might have had to give a persuasive argument supporting your position.  When you use your entire blog post to mock someone for what they believe, your intended “converts” are not likely to see things your way.

But then again, these particular blogs — I believe — aren’t intended to win over any new converts.  So to speak.  They are platforms for churlish individuals to link to each other and chuckle about how superior and modern and scientific they are, unlike the rest of the world that believes there is a reason for order in the universe and that reason is best defined as a supreme being of some sort.  “You believe is JEEEEEEEEzus, so YOOOOOOU are a DUMBASSSSSS…” seems to be the working logic on far too many of these blogs.

I don’t think folks like that are hellbound… cuz, frankly, I don’t believe there is such a place as hell.  (Another argument for another time.)

But personally, I can’t imagine the anger and hopelessness of such a position… to believe this is all there is.  But I guess that’s the sort of anger and hopelessness that leads to mocking of those who DO have hope.

You would think that folks would have better things to do with their time — to try to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

But that’s just my opinion, I reckon.

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