My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Something New Has Been Added

OK, so I’m sitting there, tucking into a nice turkey breast that Gail made for dinner, I raise my fork with my right hand, and…

wobble wobble wobble wobble

I’ve never had tremor before, cept for a little bit in my right thumb, but there it was.

wobble wobble wobble wobble

It doesn’t seem so much like a typical Parkinson’s tremor… it feels more like either an intention tremor (like shaking when you reach for a button to press) or postural tremor (when you try to hold your arms out against gravity).  But now, as I sit here typing this (and missing keys with my right hand), with my right hand resting on the keyboard and shaking, it DOES feel like resting tremor.

Let’s go to the video.

Suddenly, I Gots Tremor! from Bill Schmalfeldt on Vimeo.

After 10 years with Parkinson’s disease and NO tremor, suddenly — during dinner today — I get a healthy, robust tremor in my right hand and arm. Lucky, I guess.

I just took my 4pm Stalevo.  We’ll see if that helps any.

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