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Dylan Ratigan Mollycoddles the Teabaggers?

Before we begin — an update.   Rather, a recommendation.  Read this post from Russell King on his blog “Russ’ Filtered News

Best.  Blog.  Post.  Ever.

Now, down to business.

Dylan Ratigan — I usually skip your show because it’s on against a rerun of Law & Order.  But I saw in the previews that you were going to talk to Dale Robertson — he of the Texas Tea Party fame.  The talk was going to be about the racist element in the Tea Party movement.  You also had Brendan Steinhausen from Freedom Works.  I thought, “Aha!  Here’s Dylan’s chance to bring down the hammer on these racist fools!”  After all, Dylan MUST have seen THIS.

Yes, the infamous sign Dale Robertson held at a Houston Teabagger Rally with the phrase

“Congress = Slave Owner, Taxpayer = Niggar”

I mean, SURELY Dylan Ratigan wouldn’t have a serious conversation about racism WITHOUT mentioning the sign, the same sign I saw Robertson holding at a protest outside the White House in Feb. 2009.  I mean, you CAN’T have a discussion about Racist Teabaggers WITH Racist Teabaggers without pointing to the Racist Teabagging they’ve been caught on camera being GUILTY of.

Can you?

Would you?

Would Dylan?

He never mentioned it.  In fact, he called both Robertson and Steinhausen “Friends of the Program” and lauded them for keeping racism out of their rhetoric and gave them a platform to declare how multicultural and diverse the elderly, white, and uneducated Teabagger movement is.  Dylan Ratigan told these racist miscreants that they should use their talents to go after Democrats and their mollycoddling of Wall Street.

All I can figure is…

Meh. I changed the channel back to Law & Order.

(Editor’s Note:  I cross posted this at the Daily Kos.)

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  1. Russell King

    Thank you for this.

    March 29, 2010 at 12:24 am

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