My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Rainy Days and Mondays Almost Knock Me Down

It’s Spring in Maryland.  We just had a few glorious days of sunshine and 70s.  Then we pay for it with a week of cold, rainy days.  Today is such a day.

It was barely sprinkling when Gail and I left for the store.  If it had been raining harder, I would have just stayed home… not so much for my dryness sake, but for Gail who feels compelled to walk along side me getting just as soaked.

As we made our way through the store, my walker proved its worth once more.  I’ve been having a bit of foot drop today — mostly on the left side.  Toodling down the dairy aisle, my left toes dug into the tile.  I managed to throw on the hand brake as Gail grabbed me around the waist.  The walker kept me from falling.  If I had just been using my cane, I would have been kissing the tile, with Gail likely laying beside me on the floor.

THEN who would take care of us?  😦

On our way out of the grocery store (where we picked up the fixin’s to make some tasty ham, egg and cheese sammiges for Billy — yum!), it began pouring.  I told Gail to go on without me, but she said no because she had to put the walker in the back seat anyway.

So, we made it eventually to the car, getting soaked.  Got home.  Gail helped me peel out of my hoodie so she could throw it with hers into the dryer.

And so it goes, another day in the life of a Parky and his Caregiver.

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