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A Triumph of Fact over Fear

If all goes as expected today, the House of Representatives will pass historic legislation that doesn’t go far enough to cure this nation’s health care ills.  But it’s an important first step and, flaws and all, deserves passage.  Every Democrat who votes against it needs to examine his or her conscience and decide who he or she works for… the people, or the insurance companies.

You know how I can tell this is a decent bill?  The Republicans are scared SHITLESS over it.  Here’s what they’ve done — all in the last week.

They’ve distributed a fake memo, purporting to be from Democratic leadership to Democratic staffers, discussing how they’ll make nefarious changes to the bill after it passes.

They CONSISTENTLY take to the TV screen to warn Democrats who vote for this progressive bill that they are doomed in November.  Because Republicans really CARE about their Democratic colleagues and WANT Speaker Pelosi to keep her seat and the Dems to hold on to their majorities, so it’s only NATURAL that they would have the Dems’ best interests at heart with this stern warning of doom.

The FEAR in the GOP heart has nothing to do with “Socialism” or “Fascism” or any other “ism” except for “The Insurance Companies Will Stop Financing Our Campaign-ism”.  Because, with a few rare exception like Michelle Bachman (R-MN) and Steve King (R-IA), most of them realize that they can ill afford to sound quite so batshit crazy themselves.  So… they invented the TEABAGGERS!

Hey, it’s been a CINCH in the past to use fear to get middle class, elderly white folks to vote against their self interests!  So let’s LIE to them, tell them that health care reform means Obama’s gonna kill Gramma, it means Obama’s gonna partial-birth-abort all the white babies and YOU will have to PAY for it!  So… ENTER THE TEABAGGERS!

FEAR motivates the teabaggers.  FEAR of change.  FEAR of government.  FEAR of the scary black man in the White House.  And as the inevitable approaches, as reasonable minds compromise on health care reform as a first step, this same FEAR is being whipped up by the people who CREATED the teabaggers, who INSTILLED them with fear.  And things are getting crazy.  It’s gonna get crazier.  They have created a monster, and they have given it free rein to unleash terror.

Teabaggers in Columbus, Ohio, taunted, mocked and threw money at a man with Parkinson’s who had the EFFRONTERY to silently SIT DOWN in FRONT of them with a SIGN!  (I got a lot of comments on my YouTube account when I posted video… one from a teabagger.)

That man does NOT have Parkinsons.
I have personal experience.

He does not have any tremors, shakes, he looks attentive and, he’s able to cross his legs at waist level while sitting upright.

None of these are possible with Parkinsons.
That man just wants “free” health care.

I responded.

Dear Dumbass…
F*ck your personal experience.
I HAVE Parkinson’s. Have had it for 10 years.
I’m one of the 30 percent without tremor.
He has obvious “parkinson’s masking.” As do I.
I can also sit with my legs crossed at waist level.
You are obviously an idiot. Gimme a dollar.
And now, teabaggers are threatening gun violence, spitting on representatives and hollering racial and homophobic slurs at representatives who support health care reform.
The Republicans have created this monster.  I fear something horrible and violent awaits after the bill has passed.  When this monster attacks, we need to hold its creator responsible.
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