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We'll Stand Up, Congresswoman. Will YOU?

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) has posted a blog entry on The Huffington Post stating the obvious… that the teabaggers who taunted and threw money at a man with Parkinson’s outside her office the other day crossed the line and “went too far.”

Well, DUH!

“Unfortunately, some of those opposing health care reform went too far. Instead of making their arguments against the bill they engaged in abusive language directed at one of my constituents who suffers the terrible ravages of Parkinson’s disease. They treated him like a beggar. They threw dollar bills at him. They did not respect his humanity. They did not respect his right to give his opinion on the health care bill.”

She continues by directing readers to “Sign Her Petition” asking that we all discuss these issues with civility.  All she needs is your name, e-mail and zip code on her “Kilroy for Congress” page.

Well, tell ya what, Mary Jo…

Why don’t YOU tell US something.  These idiots were gathered outside your office because you have not yet declared yourself.  You voted YES for the House Bill, but you haven’t said which way you’re going to go on the next vote, the important vote, the vote that takes that tiny baby step towards health care reform.  The step that these Teabagging Idiots were taunting that dude with PD in the hopes that they could SCARE you out of TAKING that step.

Will you TAKE that step, Congresswoman Kilroy?  Will you VOTE for Health Care Reform?

Or will these loathsome, disgraceful, teabagging morons win?

You want us to stand for Civility, Congresswoman Kilroy.

Who will YOU stand with?

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