My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Feels Like a Punch in the Throat

This is really getting ridiculous.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve given up smoking cigars.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t ingest phlegm-producing stuff like milk or ice cream after 4 pm.

Nothing I do seems to matter.

Every night.  Every single night.  About an hour before bedtime, my trachea and larynx feel like they’re filling up with a very thin mucus that I have to hack up.  I sit there in my recliner, going “ahem… ahem… hrrrrack… ahem…” to the point where my poor wife has to wear earplugs to bed at night.

I’ve increased the amount of water I drink.  No help.

I suck on a menthol lozenge when my throat feels irritated.  No help.

And right now, even though I’m only bringing up small amounts of thin, clear snot each time I clear my throat, my voice is hoarse and I feel like someone has punched me in the throat.  That’s about as close as I can describe the feeling every time I swallow.

The trick is to keep stuff from sneaking down into my windpipe when I swallow.  I have to go to a swallowing-test to see if this is a permanent and ongoing problem.

Ah, Parkinson’s.  If you can’t kill me by making me bust my skull on the curb, you’ll try to do it by choking me.

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